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    Program      Lectures and discussions

Lectures and discussions


The lecture program will feature both foreign guests and Czech coffee experts. The lectures will take place in parallel during both festival days and will be led by the following guests:

  • Jáchym Růžička (Coffee Embassy z.s.) | Coffee Basics (CZ)
  • Ida Steen (CoffeeMind) | Train your brain and improve your sensory performance (EN)
  • prof. PhDr. Josef Opatrný, CSc. (Center for Ibero-American Studies, FF UK) | When did coffee appear in America? What was it doing there? (CZ)
  • Daniel Kolský (Coffee Embassy z.s.) | Project of the Czech coffee farm in Nicaragua | (CZ)
  • Gwilym Davies (Barista trainings) | Introduction to modern espresso (EN)
  • Michal Praslička (mamacoffee roaster) | Roasting demonstrations (CZ)

Besides the lectures, the participants of the festival will also be able to listen to the discussions of coffee professionals and representatives of rods that will deal with the following topics:

  • Waste management in the cafés (CZ)
  • Czech microroasteries (CZ)
  • Coffee World from the socio-economic perspective (EN)
  • How to effectively rebuild a café (CZ)

All guests, except for Gwilym Davies, will perform on both Saturday and Sunday. Davies will take his lecture only on Saturday. We work on the exact timetable and will be published as soon as possible. Lectures do not need to be registered.


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