The biggest difference from the previous years is that the festival will firstly take place all over Prague in individual cafés, roasters and technological companies. You can find more info about the program here.

The festivals main event will take place on Saturday the 23rd of October from 9AM to 6PM in Pražská tržnice / hall #13 and #40/.

The hall #13 will be filled with brew bars – espresso bars which will at different moments be occupied by individual roasteries. Due to the current covid-19 restrictions, the famous cupping will be replaced by so-called “cupping bars”. In those you will be able to taste coffee from multiple different roasteries. Besides that, you can visit different workshops on the Saturday of the festiva such as a latte art workshop or coffee preparation workshop. Last but not least, a presentation of numerous technological and product partners will take place.  

In hall #40, the ground floor of creative space H40, you will find lectures, discussions and debates. A part of which will be live-recorded and available online.

5PM will mark the beginning of Oatly latte art jam in ACID coffee. Oatly sincerely invites you to join! The presented cappuccinos will be blended with rum and consumed in a form of a cocktail. Zero waste – vegan pizza and a fabulous prize for the winner <3. Link for the facebook page:

Stay caught up with the latest information via our website or on our facebook page.

The complete schedule for the festival day: Prague Coffee Festival Schedule 23.10.