Prague Coffee Festival 2021

The day for all coffee-lovers is here!

After last year’s pause, we can finally invite you to what we have all been waiting for – the 9th year of the Prague Coffee Festival. The main event will take place on Saturday, 23th of October on the premises of Hall #13 in the Pražská tržnice in Holešovice. You can become a part of the biggest coffee festival in the Czech Republic and experience coffee through all its tastes, smells and forms.

!! All the tickets fot this year’s festival are sold out. Thank you for understanding. !!

What can you expect and look forward to?

– First and foremost, a good dose of caffeine

– Fantastic gourmet coffee. Not only during the festival day itself but also in the individual cafes throughout the whole week.

Furthermore, we prepared for you:

– Cupping of coffee from many Czech and a few foreign roasteries

– Workshops and lectures focusing on both coffee related and not coffee-related topics.

– The milk battle everyone has been waiting for (a competition in foam milk drawing into coffee – so-called „latte art“)

– And of course many more activities from the accompanying program

We strongly believe that the festival will not only present you with the latest news from the world of coffee, but will enable you to meet with kind people – either coffee experts, or enthusiasts – that truly love coffee. Coffee is indeed a „social event“. There are many things you can do over a cup of coffee: talk to your dearest friends, lead an important business meeting or even talk to a stranger that you just met in a Café, that you both adore and frequently visit. Coffee has the power to connect and create a community. As we have learned from the past Prague Coffee Festival events, the coffee-lovers community keeps growing. And we are thrilled that the Prague Coffee Festival can take part in this.

Who can you meet at the festival?

We can already promise that there will be thirty different roasters presented in Pražská tržnice, where the festival will take place. Furthermore, you can meet many coffee experts, but also lovers of coffee and the culture around it. You can also participate in workshops focusing on different ways of coffee preparation at home, demonstrations of coffee roasting and so much more.

!! All the tickets fot this year’s festival are sold out. Thank you for understanding. !!

The complete schedule for the festival day: Prague Coffee Festival Schedule 23.10.