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Do you want to know how to make espresso at home or are you a filter coffee fan? At this year’s workshops, you can learn both and many more…

The following coffee making workshops will be repeated several times during the both festival days:

  • Aeropress, Drip and Chemex

With assistance of experiences baristas, learn how to make coffee using Aeropress, drip or Chemex and discover what to be aware of, how to influence the final taste and what are the differences between various methods.

  • Cezve, Mocca and French Press

Let our experienced baristas explain you what is going on when you brew coffee in a mocca pot, what bean grind sizes are the best, why entire beverage shall be poured off right after extraction using the French press. You can test and take a taste of everything, of course.

  • Flavours and Aromas of Coffee – Sensory Workshop

Do you think that coffee is all about taste? We will show you that coffee can be perceived through all our senses and we will teach you how to describe to a barista what coffee is the right for you. Together with you we will discover basic essences to be found in coffee, and we will explore flavours of individual ingredients from nuts or fruits to pepper using our taste buds. Among other activities, we will go over other unusual ingredients that can be found in the circle of coffee’s flavours and aromas.

  • ECM Workshop – How to Brew Espresso at Home

Check out the complete range of home brewing machines manufactured by ECM Germany from single boiler espresso machines or best-selling HX machines to double boiler espresso machines with a PID temperature controller. And of course, all equipped with appropriate grinders.

  • ECM Workshop – How to Brew Espresso in a Commercial Establishment

Thinking about opening a coffee establishment? So then this workshop is perfect for you. You will be offered a hands-on opportunity to check out small but powerful single head coffee machines as well as large heavy-duty machines. We will be happy to provide you with advice helping you to make the best coffee in the neighbourhood.

  • Clima Pro And Gravitech Technology (Nuova Simonelli)

Let us show you the benefits and advantages of brewing espresso using the Gravitech technology by Victoria Arduiono coffee machines, or extend your knowledge about coffee grinding and grinder technologies.

One ticket and e-mail reservation entitles you to visit two workshops and one cupping. Signing multiple people at once is not possible.

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